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Baby sleepingCreating a Safe Sleep City
Citywide campaigns can be catalysts for improving safe sleep practices and infant health outcomes. In this article, find out what strategies Mississippi is leveraging to mobilize efforts across Jackson. From doctors to store owners to restaurateurs, the whole city is coming together to keep Jackson’s babies safe.

Health teamStrategies for Effective Leadership in Quality Improvement Projects
Effective leadership can make or break a quality improvement effort. That’s a lot of pressure for any one individual. To help, we’re sharing three key strategies on effective leadership from Gwen Webber-McLeod, president and CEO of Gwen Inc. and expert in leadership development. View the article here

Mom and babyMake Perinatal Regionalization Work for Your State
Perinatal regionalization can improve health outcomes for mothers and babies by creating a stronger system of care. But sometimes, communication and process barriers get in the way. Here, Christopher Glantz, MD, MPH, provides strategies for developing a regionalization system that empowers affiliate hospitals as true partners in collaboration. 

piggy bankHow to Demonstrate ROI from State-Based Health Campaigns
Double impact evidence—health and economic—can help states illustrate the benefit of their maternal and child health initiatives. However, proving return on investment (ROI) is easier said than done. Here, we’re sharing highlights and lessons-learned from Oklahoma and Tennessee’s ROI analysis efforts.

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Understanding and Addressing the Challenges Mothers Face When Breastfeeding

Supporting mothers to breastfeed means understanding the challenges they face. This fall, we’re hosting a webinar on tactics health professionals can employ to better support breastfeeding mothers. To ensure that this webinar is as beneficial as possible, we’re asking for your input. 

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  • Executive Insight: NICHQ Chief Health Officer, Elizabeth Coté, MD, MPA, shares her experience working with a young mother addicted to opioids—her story illustrates how the opioid crisis is affecting the health of some of our country’s most vulnerable families.

In Case You Missed It

  • Two NICHQ Moms Share Their Stories: Here, Colleen Murphy, MSMOB shares how a shooting at her daughter’s school inspired her to seek improvements that support social-emotional health. Or, hear from Meghan Johnson, MSc, whose tumultuous experience navigating early childhood screenings and supports makes her even more committed to uncomplicating children’s health systems.
  • NICHQ Names New Chief Health Officer: Elizabeth Coté, MD, MPA joined NICHQ’s executive team as Chief Health Officer on May 31. Find out more about how her experiences will help advance NICHQ’s mission as a leader in children’s health.