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Issue 09 | July 25th, 2018

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Celebrating Partnerships Built in NAPPSS-IIN Year 1

029_iStock_000040858020LargeEstablishing safe infant sleep and breastfeeding as a national norm is no small feat.

Our NAPPSS-IIN team at NICHQ is honored to work with some of the most innovative and passionate individuals in the field to test and implement improvements for infant safe sleep and breastfeeding outcomes.

In Year 1, we focused on building strong partnerships across the project levels. 

We convened diverse organizations and individuals from across sectors for the in-person National Coalition meeting. Together, we reset the stage for implementing the National Action Plan to impact safe infant sleep.

Five State Organizations & Agencies have been hard at work coalescing diverse community-level organizations to develop SMART aims and begin to design asset maps. These steps will form a foundation for their NAPPSS-IIN Communities of Practice as collectively they seek to bridge gaps and develop a common message that supports and promotes safe sleep and breastfeeding support. The Communities of Practice, and state and national level Wisdom Council members have partnered with and supported Cohort A Hospitals as they shared lessons learned, from their small tests of change, that informed the Safety Bundle improvement work in clinical setting.  

As we move into Year 2 of NAPPSS-IIN, we will continue to lean on the extensive network of partners plugged into this important work. In all we do to move forward toward achieving our objectives, we will tap on the expertise across the multiple layers of experts from the local, state, and national levels, whose work is aligned by the common aim of NAPPSS-IIN. 

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Updates on Cohort A - Safety Bundle Implementation

029_iStock_000040858020LargeVirtual Learning Session 2 - Recap 

The NAPPSS-IIN Collaborative was convened for Virtual Learning Session 2 on July 17th & 18th this month. 

Cohort A Hospital Teams shared their storyboards and began to plan out PDSA cycles for Action Period 2. Here are the highlights that Hospital Teams were most proud of: 

New York Presbyterian-Lawrence Hospital - New York: The New York team has a new video for all caregivers to view before discharge that provides education about safe sleep and shaken baby syndrome to build awareness, knowledge, and self-efficacy for parents and infant caregivers. 

The Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center - Massachusetts: The Massachusetts team is most proud about their Baby Café – a partnership with WIC to provide outpatient lactation support. 

Choctaw Nation Health Center - Oklahoma: The Oklahoma team has worked to get all the OB and nursery staff to complete their safe sleep education. Also, they are continuing to form meaningful partnerships with other departments in our facility to promote safe sleep and breastfeeding.  

Florida Hospital, Tampa - Florida: The team is proud to share out that they have interdisciplinary team support with 100% of staff members have been educated on Safe Sleep and the importance of breastfeeding to date. 

CHRISTUS Southeast Texas - St. Elizabeth Hospital: The Texas team has worked hard to implement an in-hospital Halo Sleep Sack Program along with a Sleep Sack cart on NICU and Maternal Child units. 

Upcoming: Action Period 2 Begins in August! 

Cohort A Hospital teams will continue to test, implement and adapt their PDSA cycles in Action Period 2. This marks an exciting turn in the Breakthrough Series as we begin to move  deeper into an all teach - all learn philosophy which allows the Cohort A teams to deep dive into continuous quality improvement and coach one another on their lessons learned.

National Coalition Organization Spotlight

NAPPSS-IIN's Monthly National Coalition Membership Spotlight

To recognize and build awareness across the NAPPSS-IIN Collaborative of the extensive network of experts and organizations working to improve infant safe sleep and breastfeeding outcomes, we are leading a new initiative to highlight one organization each month from the National Coalition. 

This month, the NICHQ NAPPSS-IIN Team caught up with Lorena Kaplan, Campaign Lead, at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) to see what they are currently working on. 

What is your organization’s mission statement?

The mission of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development is to ensure that every person is born healthy and wanted, that women suffer no harmful effects from reproductive processes, and that all children have the chance to achieve their full potential for healthy and productive lives and to ensure health, productivity, independence, and well-being of people through optimal rehabilitation.

Additional facts about NICHD's mission:

  • Reducing infant mortality has been a primary goal of NICHD since it was founded within the federal National Institutes of Health in 1962.
  • NICHD leads the Safe to Sleep® campaign (and the Back to Sleep campaign before it). NICHD has helped educate millions of caregivers about safe infant sleep, reducing the risk of SIDS/SUID, and the importance of protective practices, such as breastfeeding.

Tell us about a current campaign or strategy you are working on right now to improve safe sleep and breastfeeding?

The campaign team is working on a variety of community-based projects and educational products that promote safe infant sleep practices, including breastfeeding. Our infographics, for example, feature messages on breastfeeding as a protective factor for SIDS. NICHQ is also piloting the use of an NICHD educational booklet to help hospital and community-based service providers have conversations with infant caregivers about ways to create a safe sleep environment for babies; the item could become a key resource for sharing safe sleep and breastfeeding messages. Safe to Sleep® is also working in states with high SIDS and infant mortality rates to help raise awareness about safe infant sleep and available resources for community outreach.

What resources does your organization have that help to promote safe sleep & breastfeeding messaging?

The Safe to Sleep® campaign offers a variety of materials to help share safe infant sleep messages, including one on the protective effects of breastfeeding, with different audiences. Many of these campaign materials are available for download and order. You can also view a list of all NICHD publications related to SIDS and Safe to Sleep®.

Check out NICHD's infographics and images to support safe sleep. 

Learn more by visiting NICHD's website!


Updates on National Action Teams

029_iStock_000040858020LargeEngaged and Ready for Action!  

This quarter the NAPPSS-IIN Collaborative identified chairs and co-chairs for the National Action Teams and began recruitment. These teams will play a significant role in advancing the overall NAPPSS-IIN National Action Plan and Project Aim.

Check out the descriptions for each action team below with the listed chairs and co-chairs for each group!

Childcare & Early Education Settings

  • Chair: Barb Himes, First Candle 
  • Co-chair: Krista Scott, Childcare Aware 

This Action Team was previously convened and will continue its work to ensure that childcare facilities are aligned with AAP guidelines in their implementation of safe sleep practices. Members of this Action Team created a check list geared towards infant caregivers to serve as a resource to make an informed decision when choosing child care for their infant. This group will carry forward the work of the previous action team and evolve the topic area as relevant to NAPPSS-IIN to ensure that safe sleep standards and messaging reaches all infant caregivers in the community. 

Public Media / Media Relations

  • Chair: Judy Rainey, Cribs for Kids
  • Co-chair: Alison Baker, American Academy of Pediatrics

The role of the Public Media / Media Relations action team is to continue to spread a common message that integrates safe sleep and breastfeeding practices. This group will move the national dialogue from a campaign to a conversation in community, state, and national settings to ensure that stakeholders such as infant product manufacturers, retailers and consumers are aware of and promote images and products that abide by the AAP recommendations for infant safe sleep.

Aligning National Efforts, Map State & Local Resources and Learnings

  • Chair: Lori Freeman, National Association of County and City Health Officials
  • Co-chair: Andria Cornell, Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs

The role of the Aligning National Efforts Action Team is to build upon the knowledge of evidence-based practices, resources, and learnings from organizations participating in the National Coalition and Communities of Practice engaged at the local level. This action team will support the spread and sustainability of the work that can lead to system-level change in safe sleep and breastfeeding messaging across the nation.

Conversation Modules 

  • Chair: Kinkini Banerjee, United States Breastfeeding Committee
  • Co-Chair: Pamela Berens, American Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG)

The role of the Conversation Modules Action Team is to promote use of the conversation modules previously developed as well as to build and expand content modules to support a conversational approach between providers and infant caregivers. 

Building Awareness Starts with You

029_iStock_000040858020LargeResources to support your work

We invite you to use this section of the newsletter to share pictures, resources from your organization, and stories of impact highlighted for additional conversation. Email us if you would like to feature a resource or conversation here.

Resources from Partners:

  • IHI's Always Events Toolkit: Care teams can use the Always Events Toolkit by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) to partner with patients and family members to co-design, reliably implement, and sustain and spread Always Events — critical aspects of the patient care experience that must be consistently delivered. 

Safe Sleep and Breastfeeding in the News: