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QuoteHistoric Trauma is Affecting Tomorrow's Children: Indigenous People, Breastfeeding and Safe Sleep
When Indigenous people were dispossessed from their land, they not only lost their homes but were separated from their way of life. And in many cases, children were forcefully taken from their families. How do we synthesize the promotion of breastfeeding and safe sleep practices within the context of this historical trauma? Two Indigenous healthcare professionals offer three ideas

Children at schoolA Community-Based Approach to Early Childhood Systems Change
Miami Children's Initiative is improving health and well-being for families living in one of the country's most impoverished neighborhoods. By working directly with families and community centers, they're able to respond to real needs and build off existing infrastructure. Find out about the partnerships they've developed, the young lives they've changed, and what they've learned about leveraging a community-based approach to change outcomes. 

connectionsCountering Systems of Oppression: Reflections on Racial Responsibility in Systems Improvement Work
Countering systemic racism in our health systems is not easy. It takes intention, self-reflection, honesty and uncomfortable conversations. Here, two health professional open up about their experiences and share six questions that can help spark the conversations needed for change. 

Child pointingCracking the Code on Early
Childhood Data

This article shares highlights and lessons-learned from real communities who used real-time data to achieve real results. Their experiences can help demystify the data journey and show how data can empower program improvements and build national momentum.

Featured Resource:
Maternal Depression: First steps families and advocates can take to help mothers and babies thrive 
Maternal depression is widespread and affects the health of mothers and babies across the nation. Health professionals and family advocates can use this new issue brief to raise awareness about maternal depression, educate families about what depression looks like, and empower them to get support. 

>>>View the issue brief

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  • New publication: Check out a new publication on using infant mortality data to improve maternal and child health programs. The article features findings from the Infant Mortality CoIIN and is co-authored by NICHQ team members. 
  • We're growing: NICHQ recently added innovative new thinkers and doers to our team. Check out our team page to see what inspires their work to improve children's health. Interested in joining us? Check out our open positions

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